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Welcome to West Papua : untamed New Guinea

Throughout www.PapuaExpeditions.com and www.bird-watching-papua-adventure-travel.com we attempt to convey the special flavor of a singularly unique and diverse tropical wilderness area that the western half of the subcontinental island of New Guinea, variously known as Papua, West Papua and Irian Jaya, truly is. Now explore this natural wonderland with Papua Expeditions and simply be astounded by violently enrapturing birds-of-paradise, flightless cassowaries, parrots in all colors and sizes imaginable, delightful crowned pigeons, birdwing butterflies, and tree kangaroos, all set against an amazing cultural backdrop, in what doubtlessly ranks as one of the least traveled outbacks of our planet!

Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award 2010 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award 2013

Papua Expeditions offers keened-out, professionally guided birding, general wildlife, hiking and trekking expeditions in New Guinea's Wild West. Permanently based in West Papua, our ecotourism program focuses exclusively on the little-known western half of New Guinea under Indonesian administration.

Papua Expeditions is committed to make your Papua experience an immensely rewarding, enjoyable and hassle-free one at excellent value for money, whilst at the same time sparing no reasonable effort to ensure that local communities do benefit, to the maximum extent possible, from your visit.

Ultimately, we strive for each and every one of our guests to grow into life-long ambassadors for one of the last great wilderness areas left in the tropical Old World.

We look forward to welcoming you and exploring together this most extraordinary of lands!

Featured tour

Waitanta endemics

Wilson's Bird-of-paradise Diphyllodes respublica occurs only on the Raja Ampat islands of Waigeo and Batanta and has often been claimed by seasoned world birders to be the best bird roaming the face of our planet! Copyright © Dubi Shapiro

6 days/5 nights
Every self-respecting world birder is bound to at least once in a lifetime undertake the pilgrimage to Waitanta's avian delights. The Wilson's and Red Bird-of-paradise here surely are contenders for the title of most beautiful bird in the world. But best of all perhaps, just by joining this birding adventure of a lifetime, you actively help protecting an entire river catchment containing a spectacular component of Earth's living diversity.


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    The Papua Expeditions hallmark
  • Highly personalized guidance in fluent English, French, Dutch or Indonesian, allowing you to truly grasp and absorb the vast natural wonders of West Papua.
  • Small, friendly groups with a high host-guest ratio: as a rule minimum 4 and maximum 6 participants plus 2 expedition leaders.
  • Expert bird identification and interpretation by great guides, keen on sharing an intimate field knowledge.
  • Extensively researched, top quality itineraries, maximizing time in the field: we take you off the beaten track to pristine hotspots we know inside out.

Our team would like to congratulate you on your outstanding commitment and responsible travel efforts.
We commend you on your dedication to environmental sustainability, and all of the outstanding social and environmental programs
and initiatives. We truly appreciate your hard work!
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